Consider Improved Plant Varieties When Replacing Winter-Damaged Landscapes

Homeowners won’t know the full extent of damage to their gardens and landscapes until spring arrives, but can take some comfort knowing there are great replacement options at their local garden centers. New introductions are significantly improved compared to older varieties, in beauty, natural size, and adaptability to natural enemies like weather.

“This winter continues to be especially tough on landscaping for much of North America,” says Kevin Cramer, Marketing Manager for Bloomin’ Easy, a line of plants aimed at busy homeowners. “Heavy snow, ice and large temperature swings can damage our plants to the point where replacement is the only option. The bright side is that significantly improved plants have been developed recently, both in terms of aesthetic value and resilience. In addition, new varieties can offer higher chances of surviving a winter like we’re experiencing.”

Moonrock® Hardy Hydrangea

A plant group receiving a lot of attention from plant breeders lately is Hydrangea paniculata, commonly known as Hardy Hydrangea. New releases from Bloomin’ Easy, like ‘Moonrock’ and ‘Flare’ offer improved characteristics such as sturdier stems that hold larger blooms, unique colours, longer flowering, and compact sizes for modern spaces and easy care. Hardy Hydrangeas are a great option because they thrive in a variety of climates, and deliver months of beauty and value. They’re the right choice for cold regions as they often survive -40°C/F.

“The gap between traditional varieties and new releases from leading breeding programs is revolutionary,” says Bloomin’ Easy Brand Manager, DeVonne Friesen. “It’s allowed homeowners to create the attractive outdoor space they desire without the knowledge and maintenance requirements of older varieties. The value these improved plants provide to both new and experienced gardeners is truly exciting.”

Visiting local garden centers, speaking with educated staff, researching brand websites, or reading plant tags are all ways to inform your decision when choosing the right plants. It’s easier than you may think to find a handful of choices that fit your specific outdoor space, personal preferences and, deliver years of value.