Worry Free Plant Support

We know what it’s like to browse the garden center, finding just the right plants that speak to you, only to have everything go sideways after settling in at home. That’s why our team works hard to make gardening Bloomin’ Easy for you. No one should have to spend hours researching or study plant science just to have a great looking yard! Accomplishments in plant breeding have created naturally amazing plants that are stunning for much of the season AND require very little care to look their best. If you purchase Bloomin’ Easy plants, you already get a premium, improved, naturally easy to grow plant to spruce up your outdoor space with. With a bit of care 2-3 times each year, their happiness will maximize, delivering you exactly what you dreamed of.

Here’s how Bloomin’ Easy Care Reminders Work:

Step #1: Text the code on the front of your plant’s tag to 33733 Step #2: Reply with your email address to sign up Step #3: Relax! We’ll let you know when and how to care for your plant In our care reminder emails, we’ll show you how to prune, fertilize, and add mulch to your Bloomin’ Easy plant. It’s actually very easy to help them reach their full potential and your outdoor space will give you exactly what you’re looking for -- a beautiful space filled with plants where you can relax and enjoy it with the ones you love. Look for our collection in your local garden center or favourite online retailer this season. Don’t wait to make your outdoor dreams a reality. And remember, we’ve got your back when you decide to give it a go. Follow us @bloomineasy on Instagram and Facebook. I’m here to answer questions or give a virtual high five when you’re feeling proud. Cheers, Kevin Bloomin’ Easy® Plants